Milos Island

Milos is the biggest, south-most island of the West Cyclades. It spans 158 square kilometers and its coastline is 139 kilometers long, on which you will find approximately 70 beaches with crystal clear water. The imposing landscapes of Kleftiko, Sikia, Theorihia, the beautiful beaches of Paleochori, Agia Kiriaki, Provatas, Fyriplaka, Tsigrado, Sarakiniko, the island’s capital Plaka with the beautiful sunset and its buildings of unique architecture are probably the most well known attractions of the island.

In Milos you will also find interesting walking and climbing routes, historical, religious and archeological monuments, like the early Christian Catacombs, the ancient theatre, Philakopi settlement, Papafragas cave. You should visit the museums of the island, the folklore and archeological in Plaka and the ecclesiastic, mining and navy in Adamas. Here you will find many churches, some are big some are small, but they are all very beautiful and picturesque. If you are lucky, you may visit them during a fair in the memory of the church’s saint.

If you want to have a more detailed picture of the island, you should take a ride with a boat in the famous Sikia cave, in Kleftiko with huge rocks coming out of the blue waters, in Glaronisia as well as in the beautiful neighboring island of Kimolos.


Besides the basic need products, there is a remarkable offer of folklore art and souvenirs, at affordable prices. You must taste the delicious small pies with local cheese and barley rusks which you can find at the bakeries and the restaurants of the island as well as local dry cheese, (known as xinomizithra and touloumotiri), the traditional spoon sweet preserves and Milos tomato paste which you can find at the local food shops.


On some beaches of the island you can rent Jet Ski, canoe and sea bicycles. If you like underwater fishing, the sea bed in Milos is one of unique beauty, considered a paradise for underwater fishing, since it’s very rich in fish. There is a diving school in the island, while the equestrian club gives you the chance to have a unique experience in horseback riding in the island’s nature.

How to get there

Milos is 87 sea miles away from Piraeus and coastal connection is possible via conventional and high speed ships. In the winter, the routes are limited (2-3 times a week) while in the summer they are more frequent (2-3 times a day). The voyage with a conventional ship lasts 5-8 hours, while with high speed ships it is 2,5-5 hours (depending on the number of the previous stops in the route). In the summer, Milos is also connected by sea with Crete and the islands of West Cyclades (Sifnos, Serifos) and South Cyclades (Folegandros, Sikinos, Santorini). Click here to check routes and make a reservation.

You can also come to Milos by airplane from Athens. The flights are 1-2 daily and last approximately 40 minutes. Click here to check the routes and make a reservation.

Have a nice trip!

Useful information

  • Information office: +30 2287022445
  • Milos Port Authority: +30 2287023360
  • Piraeus Port Authority: +30 2104226000
  • Milos Airport: +30 2287022090
  • Athens International Airport El. Venizelos: +30 2103531000
  • Aegean Speed Lines: +30 2109690950
  • Hellenic Sea Ways: +30 2104199000
  • Olympic Air: +30 2103550500